Stoelting New Products

New Products

Stoelting is committed to providing store owners and operators with smart innovations that make everyday operation easy. Our products are designed for ease of use while maintaining durability and quality end-product. Learn more about our new and exciting products below.



The VB1 is a countertop vertical batch freezer with a minimal footprint. Provides thorough mixing of variegates and particulates unachievable with horizontal barrels. Perfect for recipe development.



This countertop whipped crème dispenser has a small footprint and is easy to operate. Simply pour liquid cream into the hopper and press the dispense button.

Dipping Cabinet

Dipping Cabinets

Propane-refrigerated dipping cabinet with refrigerated condiment rail. Custom-designed for use with frozen custard machines.

AutoVend System

AutoVend System

Award-winning AutoVend system, a frozen soft-serve vending machine that is designed to generate revenue with a significantly lower investment in retail floor space, operations and staffing.



The Stoelting U431-A Version Pressure Fed Soft Serve Ice Cream/Yogurt Freezer features increased storage capacity, making it easier to own and operate.



Latest version of the popular F231 Gravity Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer. The F231-2X which features two 5 gallon hoppers instead of the standard 3 gallon.

Hopper Cover

Organized Hopper Cover

Designed to make parts removal for equipment cleaning and reassembly easier than ever for several of its most popular equipment models.


A118/D118 Frozen Beverage Dispensers

This counter top frozen beverage dispenser takes modern styling, minimal footprint and high efficiency to a new level.


O212 High Capacity Gravity Shake Freezer

This shake freezer features a unique, highly efficient auger design that blends the entire contents of the freezing cylinder for superior shakes.

Total Blend Lubricant

Total Blend Lubricant

Stoelting's singular Total Blend Lubricant saves time, money and improves food safety.