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This counter top frozen beverage dispenser takes modern styling, minimal footprint and high efficiency to a new level.

Frozen Beverage Granita Machine

Designed with a seal-less drive shaft and a horizontal and vertical auger for cold or frozen slush and milk based drinks.


O212 High capacity gravity shake freezer

This shake freezer features a unique, highly efficient auger design that blends the entire contents of the freezing cylinder for superior shakes.


Finance Stoelting Equipment

Today’s successful business leaders are able to balance cost cutting, preserving capital and take advantage of acquiring new equipment. Financing Stoelting Equipment with Marlin is the solution. Marlin’s flexible financing allows you to acquire our frozen treat equipment without an up-front cash investment.

Benefits of Financing

  • FLEXIBILITY - as your business grows and your needs change so can your financing terms
  • FAST APPROVAL PROCESS - fast turnaround, usually within 2 hours
  • THREE FLEXIBLE END OF TERM OPTIONS - return the equipment, purchase the equipment from Marlin or extend the financing for an additional period of time
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Marlin assumes and manages the risk of ownership. If you choose to return the equipment, Marlin will handle the disposition of the equipment.

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