SU444 Video

SU444 MachineWatch as Stoelting's Steve Christensen introduces you to our SU444 High Capacity Combination Soft Serve/Shake Machine. This machine allows operators to dispense smooth soft serve from the left side and thick creamy shakes from the right side with the convenience and cost of one unit.

The SU444 provides greater reliability and quieter operation with the combination of Stoelting’s high efficiency evaporator system and Scroll™ compressor. The refrigerated mix storage cabinet has a slide-out shelf that holds two 8-gallon mix containers. The mix pump injects the precise amount of air into the mix, providing consistent overrun to ensure maximum profitability.

Dispensing and mixing of shake product is accomplished with a single front-mounted handle, for fastest speed of service. The maximum freezing mode on this machine allows for high volume dispensing. Standby refrigeration mode provides fresh creamy product at opening time.The IntelliTec2™ control features a multiline graphics LCD display, which communicates with the operator for worry-free operation.

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