Shake Freezers Video


Shake Freezers Video

Shake FreezersWatch as Stoelting's Steve Christensen introduces you to our line of Shake Freezers. Stoelting's Shake Freezers feature a compact design with high-capacity output. Our equipment will handle high-demand rush hour requirements quietly and efficiently, while giving your profits a boost.

Our shake freezers are ideally suited for high volume commercial operations, such as fast food locations, drive-ins, theme parks, institutions, and recreational facilities. These freezers are perfect for thin or thick milkshakes, frozen beverages, smoothies and frozen cocktails.

Our freezers with IntelliTec2™ control panels provide communication with the operator through a multiline graphics LCD display using full text instructions, and includes a programmable clean timer that lets the operator know when its time to clean each machine.

For more information on our line of Shake Freezers, please visit our Shake Freezers web page.