Benefits of the Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System
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Benefits of the Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System

Stoelting Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System

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It is easier than ever to serve frozen treats in an increasing number of locations. However, cleaning the equipment that serves these delectable desserts has remained a challenge. Stoelting is here to change that

The Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System is a self-contained cleaning system for frozen treat equipment. The cart comes in three styles and varies based on utilities available.

Features include a direct connection to a water supply with a 50-foot hose, a battery powered water pump with a 15-gallon fresh water tank and grey water tank, and a clean-in-place head that controls the entire cleaning and sanitizing process with the press of a button.

The frozen dessert market in America continues to grow. As the sweet tooth of the average consumer remains ever-present, frozen treats have become a staple in a wider variety of locations such as malls, movie theaters, and amusement parks.

Though these settings provide new revenue for the frozen treat industry, most construction did not have food service in mind. This oversight means that water sources and cleaning sinks can be hard to come by. Moreover, while the range of locations for frozen treats has advanced, cleaning methods, largely, have not.

Cleaning frozen treat equipment that is not near a water source can be time-consuming, inefficient, and ineffective. The Companion Cart Portable Cleaning System from Stoelting changes all of that.

This self-contained cleaning system for frozen treat equipment comes in three styles that can accommodate nearly any utility setup. Rather than bringing components to a water source, users can now bring the cleaning station to their equipment.

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Clean anywhere

Cleanliness is critical. Dirty machines can make customers sick and lead to health code violations which can equate to downtime and a bad reputation.

Simply put, the Companion Cart allows users to clean their machines in places where water, electricity, and a drain may not be readily available.

  • 15-gallon freshwater tank with re-chargeable, battery-powered pump allows users to bring fresh water wherever it is needed.
  • Onboard grey water tank
  • The sink can be configured into three separate compartments for rinsing, washing and sanitizing to meet NSF certifications.
  • Built-in paper towel holder, hose holder, and sanitizing wipe holder ensure organization and efficiency of the equipment you need are at arm's length.
  • NSF casters make transporting the cart easy.
  • Cart fits through standard-sized doors.

Add cleaning and sanitization consistency

With the high turnover rate being an issue in the foodservice industry, not to mention the high cost of training and that every person will not clean a soft serve freezer the same way. The Companion Cart helps reduce the number of variables and reduce training costs for the cleaning process.

  • Clean-in-place head minimizes disassembly and reassembly of the soft serve freezer.
  • Clean-in-place head utilizes pre-packaged cups of cleaner for a precise mix every time.
  • Accurate chemical metering is key to consistent mixing and dispensing of sanitizer or water for all cleaning purposes.
  • Limiting the transportation of parts minimizes the risk of components being lost or damaged.

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Save labor, time and money

The clean-in-place head saves approximately 30 minutes per cleaning cycle. This time savings quickly add up to significant labor reduction that converts directly to money savings for the owner.

  • Clean-in-place head minimizes the need for disassembly and reassembly.
  • Automatic cleaning cycle of clean-in-place head frees employees up for other tasks.
  • Reduces the amount of time needing to move freezer parts from the machine to the water source.

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