Sizing a Soft Serve Machine


Sizing a Soft Serve Machine

Stoelting Product Filter

Sizing a soft serve machine for a customer may at first seem like an overwhelming task. Output capacity, cooling and electrical configurations, floor or counter and serving size are just some of the factors that need to be taken into consideration.

It’s a lot to think about but, in practice, it is not difficult. The most important step is to gather information from the customer so that you understand their operation and expectations.

The first step is a needs analysis. This analysis of the customer’s needs involves asking questions, probing and listening. Discussions with the customer about their needs can develop from the following list of questions.

  • Type of operation? (i.e. fast food, cafeteria, etc.)
  • Type of food served? (some desserts/beverages naturally go with certain foods)
  • Location? (new, existing, remodel)
  • Management? (absentee or owner/operator)
  • Employees? Turnover?
  • Number of customers in a given time? (hour, day, etc.)
  • Traffic pattern? Rush periods?
  • Previous freezer experience? (gravity, pressurized)
  • Contact with competitors? Their suggestions?
  • Motivation for profits? (Expanded menu, attraction of new customers, etc.)
  • What product(s) will be served? (soft serve, shake, cocktail, etc?)
  • Number of flavors?
  • Serving sizes? How Served? (cups, cones, etc.)
  • Types/brands of products? (contact with product suppliers?)
  • Self-service? Full service?
  • Physical/space requirements? (counter/Floor models? Electrical, cooling preferences?)

Once you have gathered the information from the customer, we have made the next step easy for you. You can contact or local Stoelting sales representative or utilize the new Stoelting Product Filter.

When using the filter, no instructions are necessary. This filter will walk you through the process. It will give you options and arm you with the answers based on your needs analysis, simply pick the options that reflect the needs of your customer. The filter will then take you to the next screen of options.

By the time that you have gone through the process, you will know your model number (including the power and cooling configuration). It is that easy.

Once you have this information, call your Stoelting rep to confirm the selection and get a quote.

If you are looking to replace an existing machine, the easiest way is to get a picture of the nameplate (make sure that the complete model number and electrical configuration is readable) and find out if the present machine has adequate production capacity.

Send the picture along with the answer to the old machine’s capacity question to your Stoelting representative. They will be able to cross-reference the correct Stoelting model for you.

Stoelting® Product Filter

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